Saturday, May 28, 2016

I'm ready for this ride to be over

Our realtor sent me a message late this afternoon that said "rumor has it an offer is on it's way - stay tuned!!". Apparently it's from the ones who toured last night. But, that's what she said last weekend, too, and then it never panned out. This roller coaster ride is so fun.....ya, right!

DH was finally able to fix our very squeaky living room floor. It's been squeaking for several years, now, just gradually getting worse and driving us nuts. He tried to fix it from above, inside the house and that seemed to help at first but then shortly it was right back to where it was. Today he finally crawled under the house, while I stood in the living room and made it squeak. Turns out it was the metal beams underneath (manuf. home) rubbing against some metal brackets. He (re-screwed) them all down (it's been 27 years we've lived here now) and just in a couple of spots, there is still a tiny squeak, but more over by the sofa, not where someone walks through the room to another room. We can live with that and feel so much better about showing the house now. I know if I was looking at a house and the floor squeaked that bad, it would be a big turn off to me.  DH was literally covered in dust and dirt when he came out from under and good thing he wore a little face mask, too. But, it really didn't take him long, maybe 20 minutes to fix, so very worth the time and effort.

We will probably go ahead and replace the hot water heater soon, too, if we get no offer this weekend. It's really old and it's something we were going to replace this spring, even if we hadn't decided to sell. Better to replace before it goes bad, then deal with a big leak when it does (as happened with the one we had for years prior).

Our weather this weekend is gray and dreary. I just wish it would rain - lawn still needs it as well as all the plants and flowers. I keep looking at the weather forecast and the rain keeps getting pushed off another hour. Supposed to rain a bunch tomorrow too. Seems like our forecasts have been very off lately - used to be when the predicted rain, we got it. Now, most of the time it seems we don't get it or it's just a sprinkle.

DH was in our laundry room, taking off all his dirty clothes (from being under house) and I walked through the living room, thru the kitchen into the laundry room and said "didn't even hear me coming, did ya?!" That got a laugh out of him :)


We *think* the renters are now gone for good. Yesterday around noon their drug runner/supplier pulled out in his truck with their washer and dryer. Around 3pm the renters sister, who lived with them drove out of here as fast as she could on this short little road. Haven't seen anyone there since and last night, for the first time in like forever, there were no lights on in that house. We'll see, but hoping for a nice quiet weekend for a change.

We had a showing of our house last night. They were supposed to arrive between 6 and 6:15. They got here after 6:30 and stayed about 50 minutes. DH watches it on our camera system so we know when the get there and leave. Then we know we can go back home. It's not like we can just go shopping or out to eat or over to friends - we have to take the dogs with us, so we just drive over to nearby shopping center and wait in the parking lot, most times. 

We were not happy when we got back to find the realtor had left our back door wide open! And the couple's little kid broke one of my yard decorations. Geez!!!!! DH watched the replay of their visit and it was strange. The kid, probably 6 or so was running around everywhere, I'm surprised that's the only thing she broke. While we can't hear what they were saying, you see a lot of body language and he didn't seem happy with any of it at all. The wife seemed to like the place. Half the time it seemed like maybe they were arguing, as she would walk away and wander around by herself. Weird that they spent so much time here, longest of any lookers. By the time they got to our shed and looked inside and saw the riding lawn mower the guy seemed to calm down and was making gestures like he was saying " don't have to push a mower over an acre of grass!". LOL. Who knows, but the leaving the door open really ticked me off. It's a good thing we were coming right back and not planning to be gone for awhile - or what if we had been at work all day or something. GRRR.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Yay for Friday

My company also gave us today off, which is really nice. Usually we get it as a half day, plus Monday, but they like to give out extra perks.  I tried to sleep in. Just can't do it lately. Too much stress, so when I wake up at 6 or so, I can't go back to sleep.

Our realtor said this weekend is usually slow/dead for showings. Ugh. Half of the ones that bring their clients through here don't even give her any feedback. The one's that do, say they liked the place, but....they are just starting their looking process (most common feedback) or they decided it was too far to commute to their job.

I have to go over to my mom's for a bit today. She needs a virus protection put on her computer. She has a subscription to Norton, that's on her old computer. Her new computer came with a different program for 30 days free, but that is about to run out and she's freaking out about it. She called Norton to ask how to transfer the program she's paid for and still has 6 months left and they gave her some runaround that there isn't a way to do it online and that Windows 10 is going to be discontinued in a few months anyway because there are too many problems with. Nothing I can find on the web about that at all, let alone right on Norton's website is a very helpful page with video instruction on how to transfer your subscription to a new device! For some stupid reason, after talking to this lady my mom wanted me to come over and hook her old computer back up.  Are you kidding me?! Then she says that one of her neighbors figured out that their internet is slow because there is bad wiring in their mobile park. I said - well, is that for Comcast or Century Link internet? of course she didn't know. She might not even have the same internet service provider he is using.  Hopefully I can quickly get Norton back on her new computer and not spend all afternoon at it.

Well, gotta get DH his morning egg sandwich made and then outside to water all the flowers. It was supposed to rain last night, but nope.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

This and That

Ya'll would be proud of me. The past couple of months I have been wasting less food! More leftovers used for lunches for me.  When I buy a loaf of garlic bread, I cut it in half and put the other half in the freezer, instead of just throwing the whole thing in the oven, eating less than half and end up tossing the rest. I was going through my freezer and found where I had some time ago frozen half of a tuna casserole, so we had that for dinner one night. I recently made tuna casserole again for dinner and just as I'm about to put the whole dish in the oven, I remembered "hey, I should freeze half this!". So, now we have another dinner waiting in the freezer. Monday night we had a Stouffer's Lasagna for dinner, with some leftover and a piece of french bread leftover, so I put the lasagna in a plastic container and the slice of bead in a baggie and it was a great lunch at work Tuesday.  Go me!

DH has managed to find a few moving supplies free. DD and her BF picked up the huge bags of packing peanuts and DH just went and got some pallets. While I know pallets are easy to come by, these are really nice, quality ones.

Drug dealing renters are still at the house, though who knows what they are sleeping and sitting on, since it appeared they took most of the furniture out Sunday. My guess is they are still staying there through the end of the month because they still have all their stolen stuff there to protect! They have a big shed and a shipping container on the property, full of stolen property, most likely. But they got a drug shipment in yesterday! The truck we know is their supplier came in. That guy and one of the renters boy's then walked to the other drug house behind us. From then on both houses were busier than ever all evening/all night with traffic. Slumlandords son was busy - coming out of his dad's shop every time, going over to the house behind us, then back to the shop. Glad to see he's making money and keeping busy while he's waiting for his trial........which by the way got delayed again. Now it's into July.  Will it be quiet here on our street starting June 1st???? Only time will tell.

DH got a call today from the guy who owns the engine shop that we bought our racing engine from,  years ago. He knows of someone looking for a used engine. Long story short, it will be a miracle if DH does sell it. He will hold on to it over taking a couple thousand less for it and of course I'm sure he expects more for it than someone is willing to pay. That being said, approximately $15,000 cash sure would be nice right about now. I'm not going to get my hopes up at all. He can never part with anything anyway and will find some excuse to keep it. I gave up long ago trying to get him to sell the stuff. Though maybe I should just put this little thought into his you'll just keep it and let it sit there for more years and years and then when you die, it'll just get sold as a lot with all your other stuff and basically not get anything for it by then?! But, I guess it's just a totally different mindset we have. If having that sit there makes him feel comfortable and happy, I guess then it's worth it to him to keep it. Me, I'd rather get rid of something I don't use, if it's worth money, and get something I would use and enjoy at this time in my life. I know part of his holding on to stuff is that he grew up with nothing and any little thing he did have (a toy, whatever) he had to share with his little brother. He even had to share his birthday's with him! They were 15 months apart in age and when it was DH's birthday (3 months before his little brother's) his mom would get his little brother presents, etc too or they would give DH a gift and tell him it was for both of them. Weird!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

One more obstacle hurdled

I called yesterday and left a message for that attorney I had spoken with about our lien. He had said he would get back to me this week with an answer. He called me back at the end of the day and Good News! He will be able to file the lien avoidance! His concern had been with the requirement that the "homestead exemption" had to be claimed when we filed bankruptcy and it was not, because we didn't have any equity to protect.  Well, he found out he just needs to add another motion to his filing to amend our bankruptcy filing to include the homestead exemption. This is all supposed to be done and gone by July 19th! WHEW! that is a huge relief. It will cost me about $1750, but better than $22,500, right?!

We have another showing of our home scheduled later this morning.  While I am loving this spotless home, it is a bit exhausting to have to vacuum so often! Having to be so on alert with my phone is getting old too. I'm not a cell phone person, haha. Honestly, I'd almost rather not even have one, but in today's world and with work, it's a necessity.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Good Riddance!

Some GREAT news yesterday......................the renter pulled out of here with his pick up and a trailer full of their furniture and crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, it appears it really is happening. After almost 3 years they are really leaving. They aren't 100% gone yet, but that was a great sign that they will be gone by the end of the month. One more week!

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Yesterday was a better day, house showing wise. We had that 11am showing, so we went over to Tractor Supply to get dog food while that was going on. Right after we got back and DH was walking out to put the empty food bag in the garbage can someone drove up, looking at the house. They were just on their own, no realtor, and asked DH if they could take a look, so he said sure. He showed them around and they seemed super interested. I gave them our realtor's card. As they were driving away I got an email from our realtor that the 11am showing was seriously considering making an offer! Haven't heard anymore yet and now we have another showing scheduled this afternoon.

Keeping our hopes up and fingers crossed!