Saturday, December 16, 2017

It's the countdown

DH was gone all day long at the property. He sent me a couple of pictures. One of when the guy finished the prep work (it's a 2 tiered wall) and one of the first rock set. Plus yesterday afternoon it started snowing pretty good. We've got a few inches back on the ground now this morning.  DH is up at at 'em back to the property. I did not go - too cold to stand around and watch and I'm going to make cookies and wrap presents. I've been waiting for my last gifts to arrive, so I can get all the wrapping stuff out once and be done. Plus, I get to enjoy another day all to myself 👸

We bought some new snow shovels a couple months ago (our last winter one wore out). DH finally got to try it out. One is on wheels and he says it's so much easier on him and does it quicker.

DD said her BF just had some work done on his pickup and now he thinks he has a head gasket problem. He bought the truck used and DD said it's just about paid off.  They were hoping it would last awhile longer before having to put at least a couple thousand dollars into it. I think he's had it about 4 years - they have been together 3 years now and he had it then. She said of course now he just wants to get a new (I don't know if she means brand new or new to him used) pickup, rather than get it fixed. It is a 2004, so getting up there in years.  But, they were planning on driving that over next Friday, since they have to go over 3 mountain passes and have chains for it, if needed. Now they will probably have to take DD's car and get chains for it to have with them. She has a very nice Ford Taurus they bought new about 19 months ago. I'm sure they will be fine driving it, but they are also bringing their puppy and would have rather not had it in their new car.

I'm thinking of dropping satellite tv (Dish) when we move and just use internet service for tv watching at try. It would save us at least $40 a month or more. DH basically watches two channels. Fox News and Discover. That's it. I watch a few network shows, but nothing I couldn't get via Hulu and I usually watch them on my ipad anyway. I see Hulu has live tv for $40/mo. It includes Fox News, but not Discover. DH prefers watching shows on our tv, rather than his computer, so I'm still trying to figure out if there would be a way to get/watch Discover on a tv via internet. I'm not coming up with anything, unless it's part of your paid subscription. That is my only hold up in this whole plan, how to get Discover.  I have access to my mom's xfinity/Comcast account and have xfinity Stream TV on my ipad, but I'm not sure there would be a way to access that via a tv.  Maybe there is, that I'm not aware of. He could probably get used to watching Discover on his ipad or computer, if he had to. We also have Amazon Prime Video, included with the Prime subscription I share with DD.

6 more days and DD is here! They will be here early Friday evening until the following Tuesday afternoon.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Rock and Roll

My bonus check is on the way to me. Yay! We have direct deposit for our regular paychecks, but bonus checks are always "live" checks.  They were handed out at a lunch meeting with most everyone yesterday. No one, except the two owners and my boss (and me) knew about it, since we didn't meet our sales goal. My boss said a few people started crying, they were so happy.

We got the 13 loads of huge rock delivered,  though one load was smaller stuff, that can be used to fill in spaces. This morning the excavator is being dropped off and the operator will get to work! I can't wait to see it. With these big rocks, creating the wall will go pretty quickly, so he should get most of it done today and finish up tomorrow. This is just for the wall that will be on one side of our house. The wall below the back patio will be done in Spring, but I have a feeling there will be some rock left over to go towards that and we won't need as much in Spring.

One of the paving companies met with DH Wednesday to see and work up a quote. He's from the city (there are no local paving companies). He saw the rocks (and a load being delivered while he was there with DH) and said those rocks would be $200 a piece from somewhere in the city. DH didn't tell him what we are getting them $15-$20 a piece!  We had gone to a big rock/stone quarry place about 45 minutes north of us last summer. They wanted like $200 each there, too.

Just to give you an idea of what they look like! It snowed a bit Wednesday morning. Our neighbor emailed me and said what is DH building? a castle?!! LOL.

DH can't help himself not get involved with local issues. He's tried really hard not to, but when it comes to drugs he's having none of it. We live near what used to be a small retirement home building, owned by the county hospital. It's not being used now, as they couldn't make it feasible to operate. There was an article in the local (weekly) paper that said "they" want to bring in DOC (dept of corrections, from another county) in and use this building as a low level rehab for drug offenders (which 95% wouldn't even be from this county). OH HELL NO! A block from a grade school! DH was fit to be tied. Our neighbor friend across the field (this place is directly across the street from his house) got home from work yesterday and he didn't know about it. He was so mad too. Then DH talked to our property neighbor, who works for hospital. He said they weren't even told that the county "committee" brought in DOC to tour their building! They are totally against it, as well as he is sure the school will be too. The guy spearheading this? He's a defense attorney who lives in our county, works in the city. Wants to be able to work here, so hey let's bring all the trouble here, so he has some work and doesn't have to commute. Yesterday DH happened to be able to chat with the new sheriff (used to be the undersherrif) about it for a few minutes. His reply? well, so and so (the attorney) is a "Jenkins" - they own 3/4 of this county (so like no one else has a voice in anything).......DH was like I don't care what they own! LOL. So far this morning (DH is out at property) DH has called me like 3 times, our neighbor across the field from us has called me twice, to get the info that was emailed to DH about it this morning from our property neighbor.  Our current neighbor is on his way to the council meeting right now he said, to go on record against it. (I just saw him drive by LOL)

This is a tiny town. 800 folks. What a huge negative effect bringing something like this in would be. I don't care that we won't be living next door to it down the road. The "committee" is trying to pass it off as the county would make money off of it.  There is no money to be made off drugs and crime. Everything it brings with it, just creates more cost to deal with. The hospital owns the building and with them against it, I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen anyway. And shoot- with how long it takes ANY thing to get done around here, we'll be dead before it happens haha!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Too many decisions

I took yesterday off work as a vacation day. We went to the city to make house decisions and get costs. What an exhausting day! We had 4 places we wanted to go. One was cabinets, the building supply place, flooring and a place that sell generators.  We decided to call ahead the day before to the cabinet place and the guy we were supposed to ask for at the building supply place. Wanted to make sure they had time for us sometime that next day. I called the cabinet place first, as it was on the way in, the town just before the city. I got her voicemail (of course!) and left her a message. I waited like an hour, hoping she'd call back and I could nail down a time with her first before I called the builder supply guy. Nope. So, I called him up to see what his schedule was like the next day and he said he was pretty open all day. Cabinet lady never did call back.

We decided to stop in her place on the way in yesterday morning and see if her showroom was even open yet or someone there to talk to. It was, she was the only one there, and with a customer, so we just kind of looked around and waited. She didn't even tell the customer she was working with "just a second" and come over to us to at least say "hi, I'll be with you as soon as I finish up here". We kept waiting. She was with them in one of the two showrooms, so I walked into that one, just to see if she would at least acknowledge me. Finally she did and said she'll be with us asap. We waited some more. DH just can't stand on his legs for that long and nowhere to sit. About that time her husband walked in (I guess he does the installing and other construction work) so we did get to chat with him a bit, but he wasn't too knowledgeable - mostly he just filled the time until his wife was done, LOL. Finally, after like an hour of waiting (she kept saying she was just about done) we got to talk to her. Cabinets are hard to pick out. Too many door styles and then what kind of finish and then what kind of wood. Anyhow, she is going to work up like 3 different "levels". Hopefully one is within the allowance the builder gave us. We also asked her about the price difference between laminate countertops and granite. She said laminate is like $36/sqft installed and there are some granites that start as low as $40/sqft installed. Hmm. Well then we're going to look at granite.

Then we went to the builder supply place. Thankfully that guy was available right away. We spent about 2 hours with him, I think. Doors, exterior and interior, windows, and siding. I had already emailed him a pdf of our plans, so he had actually printed them out big and used them to mark notes on. He was awesome and very helpful in steering us in things we would like and would not like.

Next stop was granite place the cabinet lady recommended. Well, the remnants start at $40. Stuff I liked was at $70. BUT, remnants sizes work great for like a bathroom countertop and we saw several we'd be happy with, saving money there and not much mor than laminate. At least we know the costs now.

Then we went to the flooring place. DH has been really wanted hardwood floors. Our friends put in "engineered hardwood" in theirs. I was under the mistaken impression that the engineered hardwood was better for durability (scuffs, scratches) than regular hardwood, but I guess it's not. Since we have 2 big dogs in the house, the salesman really recommended laminate. Which is what I really wanted in first place. I want maintenance free! We were able to show DH that there are high quality laminates, now pretty much waterproof, that is much better than the cheap stuff we put in our old house. He showed us one that is exactly what I was looking for! That was easy! For the 2 bedrooms and office we are going to carpet (not decided on masterbedroom yet) he suggested maybe using their remnants, too. We can get that very cheaply and save some money there, for sure. I'm not picky, as long as it's decent quality and a neutral color, for those rooms.  We also picked out some tile, that looks like stone, for the foyer and will use vinyl in bath's and laundry room.

By then it was 3pm and we were STARVING. Stopped at a mexican restaurant and DH has been craving carne asade for a year now. Haven't had any since we moved. It was really good and we will definitely eat there again, during city visits.

Our last stop was back at the masonry place we were at a few months ago and got samples, as we never got any pricing. It's all the same price per sqft, but depending on the style/type there is more labor involved in one style vs another. He gave us two names to contact for mason labor, so we can get the labor costs.  We are having the worst time trying to decide on a style for around the front bottom of the house and the fireplace. We came home with yet another sample.  We didn't  make it to a the generator place. Next trip.

Oh and the dr. office got a 30 day supply of his med now to the pharmacy, so we were able to pick that up, too.

We got home at 5:30. Poor doggies were in the house for 8 hours, but they did ok.  Today I am swamped at work trying to catch up for one dang day off.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Rock on!

DH met with H Co guy Saturday morning. He even mentioned that he met with the people who bought lot #7 last Sunday! So, wouldn't you think he would have gotten a hold of us to meet too? DH is kind of thinking he probably blew us off (probably based on crap like the ex sheriff said) but then when DH started calling around asking other contractors and asking locals who to call, word got around that he blew DH off twice and then he kind of had to call. Guy is supposed to get us a bid next week. He said he'd love to do our rockery (something he likes to do) and said that is going to be really  nice - I'd love to build it -  but DH said well, I think I've already got it handled with someone else I got a hold of last week.......(ie - you snooze you lose!)

Later in the afternoon Saturday, never hearing from rock hauling guy (what the heck is wrong with these people around here?) he called him up. He called back said he would deliver a couple of loads Sunday afternoon and the rest on Monday. He finally called around 12:30 Sunday afternoon. We were waiting for the call because he wanted DH to meet him at the rock quarry to make sure what sized/shaped rocks he wanted him to load. He lives 5 minutes from the quarry - we are like 20 minutes. We got out there and still waited a half hour for him. But at least dogs got a good run around exercise while we waited. These are big rocks! Like 2-4 feet big. Boulders, really. When he got there with his dump  truck, DH was like I recognize that truck - it's an old truck that a company he used to sub contract for years ago (two states away!). Turns out he was right - this guy bought it at an auction where they were getting rid of old trucks from that company. LOL.

It was like 2:30 by the time we left the quarry and leaving that little town, where they have a little drive thru burger joint we've been to several times. I was hungry so we decided to make it an early dinner and get burgers. They are slow as molasses, LOL, so by the time we got our order and got it home to eat it was 3pm. We then drove out to our property to make sure he'd dump the rocks where DH told him to. He got there a little after we did. Said he was going to try to do one more load, but I'd be surprised if he did. It would probably be dark by the time he could get back with the load. But hey! at least we have a start on something!!

Then DH was supposed to meet a paving guy at the property at 10am this morning, for a bid. He called at 9:30 saying his truck broke down about 25 miles out. He was waiting for a rescue, so wasn't sure if he'll make it today, now. Maybe later this afternoon or tomorrow.. Ok, whatever. LOL.

I'm taking tomorrow off work. We want to go into the city and look at things like doors, windows, cabinets, etc. Get an idea of what we want, what the price range is for the quality we want, and hopefully that will allow our builder to come up with numbers that are accurate come building time. Our friends gave us the name of the cabinet place they used. They are on the way to the city, so we hoped to stop there first. I called this morning. Can't get a hold of the lady, so had to leave a message. Our builder recommended a builder supplier that has a showroom, where he gets a lot of what he uses. I called them too, got transferred to the guy he works with voicemail, so now am waiting on that call back too. I didn't know if we needed an appointment with him or could just stop in. What do you want to make a bet that when we are ready to head into the city tomorrow, we still have no call back from either?!

But, DH is ticked pink at the rock being delivered. The guy who will be building the rock wall said he would be doing it like starting Thursday. It shouldn't take him more than 2 days, and with the size of the rocks we are ending up with, it will go quick. But, it's getting cold fast here! Ground is getting frozen, but at least no snow yet or forecast this week, so hopefully we can get this part done.  Hoping to be able to post a pic of the rockery at weeks end :)

Saturday, December 9, 2017

So, it's Saturday already

I still needed a couple more gifts for DD. She had on her list a throw blanket and a hair straightener. Last time I bought her one (years ago) it was an expensive $100 one she wanted. This time she said it didn't have to be expensive, just a basic one. I ended up buying online from JC Penney. I haven't bought anything from them for years. I used to have a JC Penney credit card. My very first card I ever got, at age 18. I had it up until we filed for bankruptcy. I had used it off and on over all those years, never once late making a payment. As soon as we filed they canceled my card and I haven't been back since. Swagbucks offered 10% cash back, so made for a decent deal, also with a JCP 25% off code.

Still no word on the rock being hauled to our property that he said would be yesterday or tomorrow (people in this area SUCK at working!)........BUT. guess who called yesterday morning? H Co guy! When he said who he was on the phone DH (who is usually a very friendly person) just said "yep?". Guy sounded very humbled, compared to the way he acted the other two times DH talked to him. Said he owed him a call. DH said "yep". He said got busy that one day, forgot and then couldn't find our number. DH was just like well if you want to take a look at at and give me a bid, feel free (it's not like we have to use him). So,he said Saturday and he did call back and DH is meeting there with him right now.

Then we had a big fiasco with DH's doctor office yesterday and his cholesterol med. OMG! It's ridiculous. His visit was in July. He's been taking 5 mg of generic Crestor. We explained he first tried Simvastatin and it made his muscles ache. The dr. put him on Crestor 5mg and that was ok.  Then a few years ago, after a cholesterol recheck the dr wanted him to up it to 10mg, so he did.....and had muscles cramps again, so it was back to 5mg. We explained this to this new dr. She wrote the prescription for 5mg and also did a cholesterol blood test. It was time to pick up his prescription this week and I got online with Target pharmacy to get it filled for pick up. He was out of refills. So, what? the PA gave him like a 5 month prescription? I logged into his patient account w/dr. office and requested a refill for 7 months. The nurse called and said because of his last blood work the dr(PA) wanted him to go up to 10mg. I said well, he really doesn't want to do that and explained the muscle problem. She then said well, if he doesn't want to take 10mg then he'll need to come in and talk with the PA. I said well, he's almost out, so we'll need one refill until he can get an appointment. She says she'll call one in for 7 days and transfesr me to the front desk to make appt. She disconnects me instead. Before I called back I said to DH - either just try the 10mg or get the 10mg and take it every other day, like you did before. I call back and end up talking to front desk and say I want the nurse to know he'll go ahead with the 10mg and IF he has a problem with it, like he did in the past, then he'll come in for an office visit.

Yesterday morning I log into Target pharmacy to make sure it's filled, before we get there that afternoon. All's that got filled was the 5mg for 7 days. Obviously she didn't get the message. I called the dr. office and talked to the receptionist again, repeating he'll go ahead and try the 10mg and IF he has an issue, then he'll make an appt. She said that is what she told the nurse and put me on hold, came back and said the nurse thought she called it in for 10mg but she must have done 5mg, so she will call the pharmacy. We get to the pharmacy and they have the 10mg filled......for SEVEN days. OMG. I said, no it's supposed to be for 30 day supply and several refills. So pharmacy calls dr office and we go off to shop for a few items. We get back to the counter and she tells us the dr office won't fill it for 30 days unless he comes back in. Good Grief! He was just in there several months ago. He doesn't need to go in for another stupid $400 visit (that's what the first visit cost) to see a PA for cholesterol discussion. We left with no prescription. Like we told the pharmacist - it's a 2 hour round trip to come back while the stupid dr. office figures this out! I called the dr. office when I got home and ended up talking to someone completely different than the first two times. Basically I said either fill it for 5mg or 10mg (we don't care) and for 7 months, until it's time for him to go back in for his yearly check up, or never mind.  The only reason she told me he needed to come in to see the PA was when I said he didn't want to take then when he agreed to 10mg. he still needs to go in?

I'm tired of being annoyed by people who can't do their job effectively.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

If I could have thought of a title, I would have posted this hours ago!

The wheels are verrry slowly starting to move forward this week. The builder finally emailed back (hey, took him only a week and a half) about where to go to look at things like windows, doors, etc. He gave us the name of a building supply place he says he uses for a lot of that stuff. It will at least give us ideas and cost ranges. We are going to go visit there next Tuesday and see what we can accomplish.

Haven't heard back from the guy DH met with on Tuesday, who said he could probably haul the rock in Friday or Saturday. I'm going to hold my breath and see if that really happens.

Nothing much else is new. We are going into city this weekend to stock up on groceries and pick up prescriptions. I didn't realize DH's doctor only gave him a 3 month prescription on his cholesterol med. Why? LOL. why not just do it for the year? So, I had to log into his health account w/doctor office and request them do the refill. If they don't get it to pharmacy by tomorrow, I guess we can pick that one up when we are in the city on Tuesday.

My office has an account with Staples for office supplies. I've always thought it very "behind the times" that you can't view invoices and pay them online. I mean really, who can't you do that with nowadays?! Well, today I received Staples statement and it says they now offer online bill paying. So, I log in (the login our receptionist uses to order supplies) and don't see anything where I can pay. They have an "account chat" feature so I open it and ask about paying online. I then get transferred, via chat, to another dept, who tells me she turned now on the feature for our account and to log out and then log back in. I do, but do not see any payment feature/option. Of course my chat box is closed now, so I open again and ask the next person that answered the chat question. She transfers me. I explain again and that person says "I'm sorry, we do not offer online payments". OMG! I said well Amanda just told me she turned it on, your statement says right on it that you do......I literally ended up being "on hold" via chat for 45 minutes while she researched it. She kept checking back and thanking me for waiting, she was checking with her supervisor, etc. I was starting to get annoyed and about ready to just say "oh never mind" and close the chat, but I decided to be nice. Obviously she was working on it, probably getting stressed on her end that she was keeping me on hold forever and couldn't figure it out. I just replied "ok, I'm still here😀.  I guess it's a new option and they don't know how to turn it on. I was then referred to call another dept.  I think I'll just keep paying by check. LOL.

I haven't heard anything about the cookie exchange that was mentioned at my book club meeting in October. The woman who was going to do it must have changed her mind. No email about it. I'll probably just make my cookies the weekend of the 15th then.  I was looking forward to being able to get a variety of cookies to have. Oh well.

I usually just make my mom's sugar cookie recipe for our Christmas cookies. They taste yummy, even though they are a pain to make and when I make them they always poof out and lose the Christmas cookie cutter shape detail, so some of them you can't really tell what they are supposed to be. If I was doing the exchange I didn't want to share some mutant looking cookies, so I was going to make "Mexican wedding balls" that my mom used to also always make.  I was going to make a pumpkin pie for Christmas dinner, (I've still been craving it) but again, I'm the only one that likes it, so messaging with DD we decided to try making a peppermint bark cheesecake, instead, while she is here over Christmas.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Trudging through Wednesday

I talked to my boss about some various things she called to chat with me about. The best news - we are getting a bonus at the end of next week! I'm not exactly sure how much, but I'm assuming the 5% amount. She was calling me from her cell phone while she was getting a hot chocolate at Starbucks (LOL) and it wasn't the best connection. She said even the other managers do not know it's being paid out. Nobody thinks they are getting it, since we haven't made the sales goal. Mostly she had to fill me in because I'll have to make sure money is transferred from our money market account to checking to cover the bonus checks....and she knows I will not spill the beans to anyone.

I did ask her why she thought our sales were down, given the booming economy there and we've always made our sales goals, except in 2009. She said we are having some issues with customer service quality, we are starting to get a reputation of being hard to work with and also with issues between departments. She said there was one job that was $150,000 and 25 people had worked on it!! That's almost half our whole staff! not to mention that is a smallish order! We have the same managers we've always had, but a couple more people in each dept, seems to be more than everyone can handle.

I'm also getting a $500 bonus from my side job, so that is great (last year it was $1000) too. Every extra helps, for sure.

Well, what do you know, the site work contractor guy who said he would meet at property on Tuesday actually did! DH is having him start with bringing us 6 loads of rock. We hope - Dh said he seemed a bit flakey, but said he could deliver either Friday or Saturday. We'll see. It sounds like this guy will let us rent his equipment, for this other guy (who operates but doesn't have his own equipment) to install the rockery wall. He said he doesn't know how do to rockery walls so wouldn't feel comfortable doing that part. Let's hope this is someone who can/will do the job. He's from the same county, but lives in next town west.  And the phone just rang from one of the paving companies DH had called. Said he's been out of town for 2 weeks, but is interested in the job. So, at least we are making a tiny bit of progress. We also found out this is the same paving company that paved our property neighbors place. So, we're making a tiny bit of progress this week, at least.

This guy also mentioned he thought the reason we are not getting anyone to get back to us is because they only want to deal with builders/contractors. Ok, that is understandable, but then DON'T tell us you are going to meet with us (twice) and then don't and don't even give the courtesy of a call. A simple "sorry, I only work with contractors" would have saved everyone a lot of time and aggravation. As it stands now when our builder gets around to using subs, you can guarantee we will not letting him use "H Co".

I tried the elk hamburger meat in tacos last night. Tasted fine to us. It must have smelled very different to one of our dogs. He had his nose in the air sniffing all over LOL.