Wednesday, October 26, 2016

More a little of this and that

DH got to meet one of our other neighbors yesterday. The lots across the street from us are vacant land and this guy lives in the house on the other side, directly across from us. They use the vacant area to throw a ball to their dog too, so he came out and said hello to DH. Our dog that likes to chase the ball had fun chasing the ball with their dog.

Turns out he is the brother of the sheriff! LOL. DH said "oh, ya. I already met him....." and told him what happened with the weed mowing. He just rolled his eyes and said "don't pay any attention to him" haha.

We went and had dinner at the restaurant yesterday and Prime Rib dip was the special again, so I have a feeling we'll be going on Tuesdays. Once DH finds something he likes to eat, that's what he sticks with.

I need to order the little plug for our dishwasher that holds the spot free fluid in. The previous owner had shown me that she had accidentally dropped it in the bottom of dishwasher and part of the underside got a bit burned off. "but it still works, no problem". Well, ya, no, not really. That little bit burned off doesn't allow the plug to fit tightly so all the spot free fluid just drains out gradually and you fill it up and within days it's all gone. I found one online for like $13, so I will order that up.

The electrical inspector didn't pass a couple of items, or rather they just need to be added to. This won't hold up getting the insulation done this weekend as the inspector said he will still be able to see that DH fixed the problem and he can ok it in final inspection.The insulating is getting done Saturday  morning. Yay!

I called the bank manager back this morning about the wire transfer fee credit but he was with a customer so the assist. mgr who answered phone asked if he could help. Boy did he! He was looking at my account and asked if I do wire's very often and I said no, we just had to do two outgoing and one incoming because we sold our house and bought 2 properties. He then said he would credit me both the outgoing $35 fees and the $15 incoming fee. Very nice! Glad I decided to call :). Now $85 more in my account.

It's very strange here in that we are both tired so early in the evening! We used to call over here to various people and it would be like 8pm or so and sometimes they'd already be in bed and we'd think how strange that was. Well, I'm here to tell you it's not strange, LOL. I can barely stay awake past 8pm (I used to go to bed around 9:30). 9pm is it now and I'd rather it be 8:30, haha. DH used to stay up midnight or even later, now he's in bed by like 10pm. What's in the air? LOL. It's a good thing shows start at 7pm here, rather than 8. I'd never make it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday stuff

This morning has been spent making some phone calls. Always something to take care of, it seems.

I realized I should probably change my mailing address with my paid off mortgage and home equity loan banks, so that when they send out the year end tax statements, they go to my new address. Was on hold with one bank like 15 minutes, just to talk to someone.

Then I got an email notification that my old garbage service payment (was set up on autopay) went through....but of course it was for the full month of October, rather than just through Oct 4th. So, had to get that straightened out.

Then I tried to call the bank manager at the bank branch we went to 100 miles away 2 weeks ago to do that wire transfer. He had nicely told me he would credit me back the $35 wire transfer fee, but of course that never got done. I was just going to forget about it, but woke up this morning and decided to call and ask about it. He's not in until tomorrow.

We are going to eat at the town restaurant again tonight. We went last Tuesday and the special was a prime rib dip that DH loved. Wondering if they have the same special same day of each will find out! ha. The first day we got here we ate dinner on a Monday and the special was Tomato soup and someone came in and I heard the waitress tell her the special and the lady said "oh, ya, It's Monday" so, I'm thinking maybe it's the same. Whatever....I don't have to cook tonight :)

The state electrical inspector guy is here right now checking out the wiring DH and his friend ran to the shop. Hopefully it all checks out ok. they have now just been standing outside talking for quite awhile. The insulation guy is supposed to come this weekend and do that part. Then DH can get that 53ft trailer parked on the side of our house unloaded and sold. That should give us back several thousand dollars. Hopefully he can sell it for close to what he bought it for ($4000).

Then once that is unloaded, DH will make a trip to Texas to take back the little 12 ft enclosed trailer he borrowed from a friend. Said friend moved to Texas earlier this year and left his trailer at his brother's and was going to go get it at some point and take back to TX. DH said he'd borrow it and then return it to him, so friend was happy with that. I think DH will spend a couple days down there visiting him, so that will be good for him. He and this friend always laugh and laugh about everything.

DD and her BF are moving forward in the home buying process. They got pre-approved for about $350k, but the homes they are looking at are in the $275k range. Tomorrow they are meeting with a realtor that the mortgage broker recommended. She is loving this mortgage broker, so I'm glad I was able to connect them with him.  They will probably find something they like pretty quickly (they already have found several online that they like) so I'm sure moving will be happening in the near future.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Good and bad

For the most part I am loving this new little house and lifestyle, but there are a few things on the "bad" list.

So here's the good stuff:
The house is a cute, well built little house. Seems very energy efficient too.

It's nice having an attached garage (even if it's smaller than we are used to)

The small town (no stop lights) is easy to get around and quick to get errands done. Today I stopped to get my mail (and a package from the desk that was too big to fit into PO Box), stopped at the city office to get dog license tags (a whole $10 for both dogs for lifetime licenses), then a quick stop at the grocery store for a few things. I was gone a whole half hour LOL

If we want to go to the city it's only about a 40-45 minute drive and it's a pretty drive.

The one restaurant in town has really good food, so we've been eating there about once a week. Even got a "punch card" now that we are "regulars" :)

Our older dog loves being outside now. He thinks the big grassy area across the street is his yard too (though of course we only let him go there when we are with him and we clean up after him).

It's very peaceful overall. And the Fall colors every where are just beautiful.

Here's the "bad" (just minor annoyances):
Our master bedroom is a bit too small for a king sized bed. We are able to fit our bed (sleigh bed) 2 night stands (just barely fit width of room) and a small dresser in one corner. Luckily the walk in closet is HUGE (almost like a small room) so we just put our big dresser in the walk in closet. We even have a gun safe in there now and there is still tons of room.

The master bath doesn't have a medicine cabinet. All our "crap" on the counter is driving me nuts. Will be buying one to hang on the wall over the toilet very soon.

The guest bathroom doesn't have a linen closet/storage area. Haven't figured out yet what I am doing for this problem. I could put a small/tall cabinet between the sink/vanity and the toilet, but if it has doors/drawers it will hit the toilet paper holder when trying to open. Still working on what will be best solution.

The neighbors directly next door have a lot of junk piling up. More than when we looked at house before buying. The guy who owns the vacant lots on each end of our street (and across street) has apparently complained to the property owner (they rent) that it needs to get cleaned up or he's getting an attorney because he feels it's affecting his ability to get the lots sold. At some point (after we've been here a bit) we'll probably join in with him to complain to the property owner about it. There is no reason they need to have an old couch up leaning up against the wall of their back porch area...(that's just an example of one of the junky stuff they have).

These neighbors have two little kids. One about 3 and one in kindergarten. The 3 year old girl doesn't listen at all. The 5 yr old boy is better, but you can tell just starving for attention. He thinks DH is his new best friend, which isn't what DH needs at all. LOL. Yesterday we were outside in our front yard with the dogs and neighbor guy came over to fence to chat. The little girl kept climbing up on the chain link fence and he kept pulling her down. Do you know what he did, rather than make her mind? Picked her up and put her over the fence into our yard to play while we were talking! Within minutes she was throwing rocks and walking into our garage where we had left the door ajar. Good grief. That's the thing - you try to be friendly with people, but then they just push the boundaries.

The tub/shower is really narrow! DH just fits to sit in the tub on each side. LOL.

The dishwasher seems to be a bit on the small size - the silverware holder is really small.

People aren't as friendly as I would expect in such a small town. No biggie. Not intending to get into the politics and gossip of small town anyway, and when we get to build our new house, we'll be 10 miles outside of town, with only one neighbor, so that will be perfect ;)

Master bathroom fan doesn't seem to work at all to keep mirror from fogging up. Even if I leave the bathroom door open, it's still all fogged up!

And my biggest complaint is the stove fan! Our previous house vented the oven smoke through the fan and out through a vent in the ceiling. This one has a microwave over the oven (which at first I thought was nice) but all's it does is vent right back into the house! So stupid! Any time I try to broil steaks or hamburgers I'm just getting smoke right into the kitchen. Sooo frustrating. Our friend, who was visiting/helping DH again this weekend, said his is same way. I don't get it - makes no sense to me why it would be set up like that.

Things we've had to fix so far:
The house garage door didn't open all the way.
The hot water heater was set on the highest hot water setting - yikes. Turned that puppy down to something more reasonable.
Outside faucet knob missing - found it in garage
One of the roll up doors on the shop wasn't set up to roll with proper hardware (seller had told DH he'd install it, but of course never did)
Cleaned up the most of the mess they left (they came and got most of it last weekend) but there are still a couple things they never came back for (an old exercise machine) so now we're going to have to pay to dump the stuff. Grrrr.
Added door stoppers in some rooms
The shower curtain had these open kind of rings that every time you'd pull the curtain back some of the rings would fall all. Was driving DH nuts, so I bought some enclosed rings that have little ball bearings on them. Works great now.

Projects being worked on/soon to start:
Running electricity out to the shop, so DH can have some lights and plug ins. DH's friend helped and it's now out there and waiting for inspector to ok it. Then we'll have some insulation sprayed in. Then DH can finally get his big trailer unloaded and we can get that thing sold and out of here.

Additional chain link fencing. Currently fencing is just around front yard and to side of house. Just going to fence the whole lot and also add the top rail, that's not on the existing fence now. It will give the dogs much more room to wander around the yard......and help keep the neighbor kids out of our unfenced area. Still waiting for a call back to get an estimate. People are slow to call back around here, that's for sure. DH has called 3 people on one project and not a one called back, like they said they would.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just chit chat

The rest of this week has been pretty uneventful (thank goodness, right?!). Tuesday afternoon we drove to the city to pick up a cordless weed eater DH ordered from Lowes. We didn't get back home until 6pm, so pulled into the restaurant (the one and only) in town and had dinner. Even got a punch card, now that we are regulars :)

Wednesday I made a few calls to find out if we needed permits to add some additional fencing around the lot and put some electrical out in the shop. No permit needed on fence, but do need a permit on the electrical. A few more calls and figured out that is through the state. I did an online permit application for $80 and got the permit emailed, so good to go to get that done. Though the online application process wasn't the most user friendly, I finally figured it out.

I went to the city office here in town and got the dog's licenses. A whole $5 each for lifetime licenses. No wonder this town/county is so broke. LOL. While there I picked up a town newsletter off the counter. Not much going on in town, haha. There was also another sheet for the town library....saying you can click through their Amazon link to help support the library. So, I can definitely do that with my Amazon purchases.

Dropped off our voter ballots, so that is done. Not that is probably really makes a difference. I'm sure Hillary will win, anyway. I did have to do a bit of research on some of the local elections and initiatives, since I'm not familiar with anything going on here yet.

The little grocery store has the best donuts! yum! They also have a little deli with fried chicken and such. Haven't tried that yet, but will at some point. About as close as we'll get to "fast food" in this town. LOL.

Yesterday was a nice sunny day (most of the days have been cloudy and rainy). DH got a bunch done in the shop. Got one of the "roll up" doors actually made into a roll up door (only one was). He also made a little form outside the new "man door" he put in last week. He'll pour concrete this weekend to make a little concrete pad outside the door. Then he got to use his brand new weed eater. No worries - he stayed on our lot! haha!

It's kind of different to have to go pick up mail at the post office all the time. Not used to it, but the whole trip takes like 5 minutes, so can't complain. Once in a while I skip a day. 

Next on the "to do list": open up a bank account here at one of the banks in town. Will be more convenient, I'm sure. There is a local bank and a national bank (Wells Fargo). I think I'm going with the local bank and do that sometime next week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Don't mow weeds, whatever you do!

Want to hear more about the mowing of the weeds in the alley? OMG! So, this was Sunday afternoon that DH mowed a little strip of weeds down along the alley (but outside the fence on other side) and got the stink eye from the lady that lives on the other side. He apologized to her for mowing the weeds and said he won't do it again

Yesterday (Tuesday by now) late morning someone drove down the alley in a pick up (no one except us has used the alley so far, so not common for a car to drive down it). A short time later guess who shows up at our front door?! The sheriff and his under sheriff! Said they got a complaint from the lady on the other side of the alley that he was on her property looking around. DH says "oookayyy.....well, I just mowed some weeds down in the alley, but sure, no problem. I already apologized to her and told her it won't happen again".  Now, wouldn't you think that's all that would be needed to resolve this? Oh no....then the sheriff wanted to see DH's driver's license! (we now have new temporary licenses we went and got last week) and hands it to his under sheriff......and he actually calls in to run a check on DH's license. OMG!  All this for mowing down a few feet of weeds in an alleyway? Mowing weeds in an alley is such an offense, that apparently it calls for the HEAD sheriff and the under sheriff to both come out.

So then the sheriff is telling DH she's an older lady, her husband died, and she just got freaked out that someone was on her property (in the alley). DH says "sure, understandable. It won't happen again, I was just trying to keep the weeds down a bit". Then he says "what's up with the truck?" and DH is like what truck? (his pick up is still being stored at our friends shop 30 miles away). "oh, I mean this trailer" the sheriff says. It's a little small cargo trailer. DH says, it belongs to a friend of mine, he let me borrow it so move some of my belongings here. We just bought this house a couple of weeks ago.

Then the sheriff says something about her son (I missed that part of the conversation). Now we had already been told by the previous owner that that lady's son was in charge of the town schools, but he's a lazy POS (previous owner's words) who doesn't help her out. The sheriff is saying something about her son and says "he's a big guy - you don't want to mess with him".  Did you just seriously say that? LOL. Like, that a warning? a threat? aren't you the law? the one's who are supposed to protect people from "big guys you don't want to mess with"? The whole time we're just kinda standing there going like "ooookaayyy, no problem".

So, my guess is lady did not call the sheriff. She complained about it to her son. He took a drive down the alley and then got a hold of his sheriff buddy (apparently they are good friends) and had him come over and make sure we weren't going to mow any more weeds down! Otherwise, she probably would have called that day, not 2 days later.

We had already heard a bit about this sheriff.......from the guy who lives in the (super nice expensive) house next door to the property on the river we just bought. He told us one of our visits last spring that he was friends with the sheriff (goes hunting with him) when we were telling him what our neighborhood/city drug problem is like and dealing with the sheriff and deputies there. So, DH kinda just throws in there "ya, we just moved here. We also bought a piece of property down on such and such door to Mr. So and So" (knowing full well they are friends)".  You could kind of see his surprised expression. Then he says "well you seem like a decent guy and you have a pretty wife (again, seriously? LOL)., we just wanted to make sure there will be no problems".

You gotta just laugh about it.  Apparently a "hey, thanks for mowing those overgrown weeds down" isn't what happens around here LOL.

DH didn't mow the whole alley - just the part that our property borders. Here's a picture of what the section looks like that DH mowed (oh the horror!) just up to the fencing on other side of alley. Makes that tree look so much prettier, I think. and it's not to that fence farther back near the trailer. there is a wire fence that runs right along alley, right behind that tree.

 Here's the weed  along the alley, next to where DH mowed above, that border our neighbors property, that DH didn't mow.

What an awful neighbor DH is.......shaking my head..........

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Well, we already managed to make one of our neighbors mad.  Behind our little lot is an alley (gravel and dirt).  Both sides had lots of tall weeds. the first weekend we pulled all the weeds on our side (behind shop). Sunday DH took the mower and mowed the weeds down on the empty lot to one side of us (they just mostly seem to grow along the alley) and then did it on the other side of alley, just along the length of our property line. Just a couple of feet deep and however wide our little lot is, up to the wire fence that runs along the alley from the other 2 properties behind us. One of the properties is the ambulance station (which didn't have weeds). The other lot is a house (where most of the weeds ran along the alley).

So, it looks a bunch better. As soon as DH got all done with it the older lady (around 70) gets in her car and drives down the alley and stops and says to DH "can I help you?" DH says "oh, I just mowed the weeds down a bit" and she says "well, I pay to have someone do that". DH says "oh, well, I didn't mind doing it. If you ever need help with it let me know". And just rude as can be she says "you have dogs" - like it's an accusation (the dogs have been in the house this whole time, mind you). DH says "yep. I have 2 dogs".  WTH?!  Not to mention if our dogs are outside they are either in the fenced front (which she can't see) or if they aren't in the fenced area it's because DH is right there with them....on our property!

How about just a "thank you" LOL.  Now she doesn't have to pay someone to cut the weeds down (which she obviously hasn't paid to have anyone do in a very long time, haha) for that section of the alley. Ok, lady. We won't touch your weeds again.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A new door

DH and his friend got the new door put in the shop yesterday. Much better!

This will be much nicer when DH needs to go inside for something he needs to grab and go, rather than having to go to the other side and roll up a big door each time. The friend even went and bought all the supplies to do it after he got off work Friday afternoon, so we didn't have to go do it or figure out what was needed.  We reimbursed him for it, of course, along with some extra :)

Not really loving this "rock garden" area in back. There is a walkway of smaller rocks through it, but eh....we might end up taking it all out and putting in lawn. If we leave it, we're going to put some shrubs here and there in the rocks, at least.

Not sure what we are doing today. Supposed to rain most of the day. DH really needs to rest some (after being on his legs all day yesterday) but he gets too bored just sitting around.